Tiger Tattoo Ideas

23 Tiger Tattoo Ideas to Give You Power and Strength

The tiger tattoo symbolizes strength, power, beauty and protection. Whatever style you prefer, it's sure to be a powerful addition to your body. 
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Snake Tattoo

31 Snake Tattoo Designs to Unleash Your Inner Evil

The long and slender body of a snake makes it an extremely versatile tattoo, slithering its way into any part of the body, wrapping around limbs or other tattoo elements.
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Kings Avenue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

19 Butterfly Tattoo Ideas For Your Metamorphosis

The butterfly tattoo has become more and more popular in recent times, symbolizing rebirth, metamorphosis, beauty and new beginnings.
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Lion Tattoos Kings Avenue Tattoo

Lion Tattoo Ideas

July 22nd through August 22nd marks Leo season, the fifth sign of the zodiac. Here are some lion tattoos done by Kings Avenue artists!
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