In The Studio
Zac Scheinbaum

In The Studio Vol. 75 with Zac Scheinbaum

Ever wonder how tattoo stations get setup and how artists prepare for tattoos?
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Clark Seiger

In The Studio Vol. 73 with Clark Seiger

The client decided to go big or go home on his very first tattoo, getting a full chest traditional eagle by Clark Seiger!
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In The Studio Vol. 72 with Grez

Grez outlines a rose on both sides of the client's neck.
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Matt Adamson

In The Studio Vol. 71 with Matt Adamson

Bear head and Tiger head by Matt Adamson complete with some cherry blossoms.
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Chris Fernandez Traditional Sleeve

In The Studio Vol. 70 with Chris Fernandez

Chris Fernandez adds an eagle to an in progress traditional sleeve.
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Mike Rubendall Tattoos Will Lollie - Vulture Tattoo

In The Studio Vol. 69 with Mike Rubendall

Mike Rubendall works on a vulture tattoo for fellow Kings Avenue Tattoo artist Will Lollie.
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