Shark Tattoo - Shark Week

Shark Tattoos for Shark Week

Shark Week 2018 kicks off today and to celebrate we have some shark tattoos made by Kings Avenue artists!
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Spider Tattoo

Manifest Your Thoughts Into Reality with a Spider Tattoo

Spiders represent a wide range of things. Their careful planning and construction prowess put spiders center stage in some Native American creation myths.
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Mom Tattoo

Mom Tattoos for Mother’s Day

Today is the day where we can show our Mother, that we appreciate and care for her unlike any other.
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Namakubi Tattoo

Namakubi – A More Romantic Take on The Impermanence of Life

Namakubi (severed head) have roots in the warrior class of feudal Japan and can represent a number of things including battle prowess or respect for ones enemy.
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Oni Tattoo

Oni Tattoo: The Not Always Malevolent Demons of the East

Contrary to the Western demon, onis are capable of benevolence and in many stories convert to Buddhism and dedicate their lives to relieving suffering.
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Mike Rubendall

Mike Rubendall guests on No Lies Just BS Podcast

Nick from No Lies Just BS Podcast visits Kings Avenue Tattoo's Long Island shop to chat with Mike Rubendall.
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Dog Tattoo

Kick Off the Year of the Dog with these 8 Dog Tattoos

As we dive into 2018, we pay homage to man's best friend! It is the Year of the Dog after all.
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Kings Avenue Tattoo Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us and the crew at Kings Avenue Tattoo would like to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday and a Prosperous New Year!
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Skull Tattoos

21 Examples of Skull Tattoos

Skull tattoos may very well be one of the most common imagery in tattooing. A symbol of mortality, the skull is an extremely versatile tattoo option.
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