In The Studio Vol. 16 with Matt Adamson

Matt Adamson


Matt Adamson gets started on a Neo Traditional take on a raijin over at Kings Avenue Tattoo NYC.


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  1. Robinson Benzán

    Much, much respect to Matt
    I got to tell you Matt I’m here in Japan now I wish I could record the reaction when I show folks the tattoo.
    If you know anything about tats here in Japan you know that it’s kind of taboo most folks here actually cover there tats.
    When you go to the beachs and pools or hot springs there are signs everywhere no tattoos allows. I think there ment mostly for Japanese men and women because it’s associated with the yakusa(won’t get into that)
    Most of the guys I was hanging with where into Harley’s and hot rods and they all had tats.
    When they saw the tattoo there first reaction was “sugoi” or super. Obviously they knew it was a reijin but what impressed them the most was the detail. They would look at it talk amongst themselves for a minute and again sugoi sugoi sugoi.
    They couldn’t believe that an “American” could do such fine art work I tried telling them “but he’s British” that’s when they lost there sh¥t. Anyway thanks again and keep up the good work my appreciated

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