Becca Genné-Bacon

In The Studio Vol. 53 with Becca Genné-Bacon

A colorful fowl finished on the client's upper arm by Becca Genné-Bacon.
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Chris Fernandez

In The Studio Vol. 52 with Chris Fernandez

Chris Fernandez tattooing a one shot traditional girl head on a visiting client from California.
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Namakubi Tattoo

Namakubi – A More Romantic Take on The Impermanence of Life

Namakubi (severed head) have roots in the warrior class of feudal Japan and can represent a number of things including battle prowess or respect for ones enemy.
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Zac Scheinbaum

In The Studio Vol. 51 with Zac Scheinbaum

Zac Scheinbaum hand draws then tattoos a geometric snake on the client's head.
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Jason June

In The Studio Vol. 50 with Jason June

We check in with Jason June throughout his day at Kings Avenue Tattoo's Long Island shop.
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Justin Weatherholtz

In The Studio Vol. 49 with Justin Weatherholtz

Justin Weatherholtz free hands some black and grey waves around an existing Decepticon logo.
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Mike Rubendall

Tattoo Time Lapse Vol. 8 with Mike Rubendall

Time lapse of Mike Rubendall working on a one shot Tengu mask at our Long Island shop.
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Oni Tattoo

Oni Tattoo: The Not Always Malevolent Demons of the East

Contrary to the Western demon, onis are capable of benevolence and in many stories convert to Buddhism and dedicate their lives to relieving suffering.
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Mike Rubendall

Mike Rubendall guests on No Lies Just BS Podcast

Nick from No Lies Just BS Podcast visits Kings Avenue Tattoo's Long Island shop to chat with Mike Rubendall.
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