Becca Genné-Bacon
Becca Genné-Bacon

In The Studio Vol. 53 with Becca Genné-Bacon

A colorful fowl finished on the client's upper arm by Becca Genné-Bacon.
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Becca Genné-Bacon Wolf Tattoo

In The Studio Vol. 40 with Becca Genné-Bacon

Becca Genné-Bacon finishes up a Sailor Jerry inspired wolf tattoo in NYC.
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Becca Genne Bacon

Tattoo Time Lapse Vol. 6 with Becca Genné-Bacon

Watch Becca Genné-Bacon finish this sheep in wolf's clothing tattoo in hyperspeed.
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Becca Genné-Bacon

In The Studio Vol. 32 with Becca Genné-Bacon

Becca Genné-Bacon lays out an intricate American Traditional sleeve comprised of a girl head, owl, mandala and ornamental floral patterns and designs.
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In The Studio Vol. 2 with Becca Genné-Bacon

We captured Kings Avenue Tattoo's resident artist Becca Genné-Bacon in action working on some clients at our New York City studio.
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