Mike Rubendall: Alpha/Omega


Mike Rubendall: Alpha/Omega 00021

This print was featured on the cover of Tattoo Artist Magazine #28. A great collector's item for any tattoo enthusiast! These giclee prints are made using rich, deep “100 year” lightfast pigments on fine, heavy 180gsm Hahnemühle paper. Print measure's 12" x 17"

This is a painting that represents the power of life and death.

The Moth = Death and grave misfortune

Skull = Morality

Peacock feathers = Immortality and renewal

Eyes = Inner vision

#7 = 7 sorrows of Mary

Dagger = Justice/power/life/death

Crown of Thorns = Sin/Suffering

Blood drops = Scarifice

Conjoined Griffins = Dual forces/death defying bravery

Candle = Life

Hourglass = Death

Alpha Omega = The beginning and the end (First and last letters of the Greek Alphabet

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