Kings Avenue Professional Tattooing

Our Story

In November 2005, Mike Rubendall established the first Kings Avenue Tattoo in Long Island, New York. The goal was to create one of the most influential tattoos studios in the world in his small hometown of Massapequa.

-Our mission is to blend equal parts of the past and future of tattooing and for our work to depict strong historical connections combined with a unique approach.

-Our vision is to collectively strive to advance the art form. We are committed to creating one of kind tattoos designed and tailored for each individual while delivering an unparalleled client experience.The shop featured just three artists, and as the demand for Kings Avenue Tattoo grew, the need for a second location quickly became evident.

Kings Avenue Tattoo NYC opened its doors in April 2011 on the street that played a formative role in tattoo history, The Bowery, overlooking some of Manhattan’s cultural centers. With two busy shops drawing increasing respect and critical acclaim from the industry, Kings Avenue’s family of artists expanded rapidly. More than a dozen resident artists and a rotation of sought-after guests like Tim Hendricks, Horitomo, and Henning Jorgensen have worked individually with clients from New York and all over the globe, catapulting Kings Avenue into the top tier of tattoo studios.

Today, Kings Avenue remains focused on integrity and quality, even as the family continues to grow in size and reputation. Recognized as industry leaders, moving the needle and continuing to push the art form are part of Kings Avenue’s DNA. Dedication to their core values have shaped them into the tattooers they are today. The professional artists at Kings Avenue are hand-selected from all over the world and specialize in many styles, including Japanese, American traditional, black and gray, and realism. They thrive on creating unique and original works of art.

“We create out of love for what we do. We believe in it.”