Shark Tattoo - Shark Week

Shark Tattoos for Shark Week

Shark Week 2018 kicks off today and to celebrate we have some shark tattoos made by Kings Avenue artists!
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Justin Essing Eye Tattoo

In The Studio Vol. 65 with Justin Essing

Justin Essing tattoos a realistic eye tattoo on the client's inner arm over at Kings Avenue Tattoo's Massapequa studio.
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Zac Scheinbaum - Ear Tattoo

In The Studio Vol. 64 with Zac Scheinbaum

Zac Scheinbaum tattoos fellow Kings Avenue Tattoo artist Matt Adamson on the throat and in the ear.
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Chris O'Donnell

In The Studio Vol. 63 with Chris O’Donnell

Chris O'Donnell works on a fun one shot hannya mask over at Kings Avenue Tattoo's NYC studio.
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Still Not Asking For It

Still Not Asking For It Tattoo Flash Fundraiser

Honored to participate in Still Not Asking For It tattoo flash fundraiser event this year!
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Mike Rubendall - Snake Sleeve

In The Studio Vol. 62 with Mike Rubendall

We check in with Mike Rubendall as he works on a final session of a snake sleeve at Kings Avenue Tattoo's New York City studio.
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Rose Hardy Biker Girl Head

In The Studio Vol. 61 with Rose Hardy

Rose Hardy puts the finishing touches on a fun biker girl head tattoo at our NYC studio.
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Spider Tattoo

Manifest Your Thoughts Into Reality with a Spider Tattoo

Spiders represent a wide range of things. Their careful planning and construction prowess put spiders center stage in some Native American creation myths.
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Mom Tattoo

Mom Tattoos for Mother’s Day

Today is the day where we can show our Mother, that we appreciate and care for her unlike any other.
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